PAC Board


Current 2017 – 2018 PAC Executive and Members with Roles


Lisa Atkinson




Shelley Kerekanich


Lisa Atkinson

Newsletter Editor

Lisa Perrie

District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) Representative

Maryann Allison

Langley Public Montessori Society Representative

Tammy Ayre

Fundraising Coordinator

Erin Weerts

Food Coordinator(s)

Jolienne Moore

Members at Large (MAL)


Shelley Kerekanich:



All parents (or children’s caregivers) at Uplands are members of the Uplands PAC and are welcome to come to any PAC meetings to get involved or be heard. At PAC meetings we discuss what type of programs we want to provide for Uplands students, how we want to support the school’s future growth, fundraising to pay for programming and equipment we provide, and other school-related topics. Meetings are at 6:30pm the first Monday of each month. If you require babysitting please contact Lisa at

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  • Elections: May 8

    The PAC will be electing the 2017 / 2018 Board

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