PAC Board Election

The PAC will be electing the 2017 / 2018 Board on May 8th.

Any parent or guardian of a student registered at Uplands Elementary / Montessori may be nominated for a position. You may nominate yourself.

All positions are open, and many current board members are interested in serving again next year.  E-mail your nomination (and yes, you may put your own name in) to Daniel at

Current Nominations:

  • Lisa Atkinson


  • Regan Taylor


  • Shelley Kerekanich

Food Coordinator:

  • Jolienne Moore


  • Denise Velin

DPAC / PAC Representative: No Nominations

  • Erin Weerts

Member at Large:

  • Jen Elderkin
  • Erin Weerts

Positions and their Duties:


DPAC/PAC Representative
Fundraising Coordinator
Food Coordinator
Member At Large

LPMS / PAC Representative:



a) convene and chair membership, special and executive meetings or appoint an executive member to chair meeting

b) ensure that an agenda is prepared and presented

c) know the constitution and bylaws and meeting rules

d) know where to find resources to assist members

e) appoint committees where authorized to do so by the executive or membership

f) consult PAC members regularly

g) ensure that the PAC is represented in school and school district activities

h) ensure that PAC activities are aimed at achieving the objectives and purposes of the organization

i) be the official spokesperson for the organization

j) be a signing officer

k) submit an annual report

l) take direction from the executive and/or membership



a) assume the responsibilities of the President in the President's absence or upon request

b) assist the President in the performance of his/her duties

c) accept extra duties as required



a) ensure that members are notified of meetings

b) record the minutes of general, special and executive meetings

c) keep an accurate and up-to- date copy of the Constitution and Bylaws and have copies available for members upon request

d) safely keep all records of the Council



a) be one of the signing officers of the executive

b) receive all funds for the Council

c) disburse funds authorized by the executive or members

d) maintain an accurate record of all expenditures of the Council

e) give a report of all income and expenditures at all general meetings in writing

f) deposit all funds collected on behalf of the Council in an account at a recognized financial institution approved by the PAC

g) make books ready for viewing by members upon request

h) have the books ready for inspection or audit annually

i) with the assistance of the executive, draft a budget and tentative plan of expenditures as per the Section on Finances

j) ensure that another signing officer has access to the books in the event of his/her absence

k) submit an annual financial statement at the Annual General Meeting of the Council


DPAC/PAC Representative:

a) attend PAC and DPAC meetings

b) seek and give input on behalf of the PAC to the DPAC

c) report back to the PAC


Fundraising Coordinator:

a) coordinate all fundraising activities approved by the executive

b) form any necessary committees for each fundraising activity

c) submit an annual report


Food Coordinator:

Coordinate all aspects of Hot Food Days including money collection, ordering supplies,

organizing helpers and preparing food. This may also include other food events such as

Sports Day, Fun Night and other PAC activities.


Member at Large:

Assist the executive members when necessary.


LPMS / PAC Representative:

a) Hold an executive position of the PAC

b) Attend PAC and LPMS meetings

c) Seek and give input on behalf of the PAC to the LPMS

d) Report back to the PAC


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    The PAC will be electing the 2017 / 2018 Board

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