Uplands PAC Events

Fundraising 2019

 Fundraising to Enhance Your Child’s School Experience

Selling Entertainment Books is our largest fundraiser, complete with ‘thank you’ prizes and draws. This year if we meet our goal of 280 books sold Ms. Kroecher will get her hair dyed and we can choose the colour! If every student sells 1.1 books we can make it happen!
We also organize a variety of other fundraisers, hoping to be fun, connective and profitable. We order from Neufeld Farms frozen foods four times a year. The first round this year is due September 26th, with delivery Thursday October 10th, in time for Thanksgiving. This year we are concentrating our chocolate with Christmas and Easter Purdys orders. Expect orders for Panago gift certificates, gift cards, and more. Social events such as the Halloween dance and Movie Nights also raise money. Please support the fundraisers that make sense for you and your family and feel no pressure for the rest!
Money goes to support the school and your child’s learning. PAC funds, from fundraising, hot lunch, government grants and elsewhere, are spent according to the PAC budget. We sponsor busses for classrooms and beach day, in school events, community breakfasts and more.  Previous years’ in-school educational events included the song writing workshop with Norman Foote and the pop-up planetarium.
Please take a good look at your Entertainment coupon book when it comes home, and keep your eye out for more ‘PAC lilac’ paper.  Completed order forms (or returned samples) can be turned in to the PAC basket in each classroom or to the black mailbox in the office.